3.LED 26w~36w Emergency Power Packs—DF518H

Product Details



NameLed Emergency Power Kit
Support LED power rangement25W~36W
Emergency output Power100% power Emergency
Input Voltage90-280VAC, 50/60Hz
Battery Voltage12V
Emergency Operation Duration>90minutes with Customized
Working Environment-20--50℃  , 65+20% RH
Power Factor>0.95
Charge Time>24hrs 
Inverter Size168*38*28mm

Highlight Features:

◇ This kit  uses highly grade smart IC to  control circuit, and offer self test, monthly test and annual test function.

◇ DF518H has a dual lithium battery protection IC, prevent battery overcharge and over discharge.

Product Description

DF518H emergency kit is designed to convert a wide range of LED lights(25w~36w) which keep providing 100% power illumination for over 1hour~3hours after main power fail or emergency situation happen.

The product can match the input voltage from 90V to 280V, and the output current go through the Led driver, making LED lights 100% emergency power output when power is failure.

DF518H use high temperature type lithium batteries as a backup power supply. Great battery protection IC can make battery both has a good long battery life, but also has efficient energy utilization efficiency.

DF518H uses IC control circuit, has constant output power, isolation circuit, no-load protection feature.