CE Certificate Emegrency Led Downlight For Led Tri-proof Light

LED Emergency Power Pack DF168T Lithium battery CB certificate emergency battery pack for led light from Dengfeng

Product Details

Product Details

Descriptions of product

  1. For less than 60W led industrial lamp, flat lamp, any led light with DC9v-80v output, it can output with a reducing emergency lighting power; LED source should coporate with an external led driver.
  2.  with 7.4V lithium ion battery pack, Also support NiCd and NiMh batteries;
  3. the product in emergency lighting, can reduce power emergency lighting, emergency lighting when the brightness of the light source 3-6W, environmental protection and energy-saving, as the LED security lighting, emergency lights, emergency evacuation lights used, as far as possible for the user to save the cost;
  4. International line, power down emergency lighting, thin film PC board three-color indicator detection switch safe and beautiful. Slim ultra-thin installation convenience.
  5. The emergency power supply has multiple protection functions.

Product parameters

Place of Origin

China (Mainland)

Brand Name


Model Number


Battery Type

7.4V Lithium Ion batteries


Cold Rolled Steel Sheet


Any led lights with 9~80Vdc 



Emergency Power rate

5W 3H

Lighting source Power


Emergency time

 3 h

Emergency switch time

≤ 1S

Design Life

5 years


2 years

Charging Time

>24h without break