Fluorescent 8w-58w Lamp Emergency Power Packs—DF338

Product Details



NameLed Emergency Power Kit
Support LED power rangementT8 8-58W   T5 11-35W
Emergency output PowerMax 30% of light source power
Input Voltage90-280VAC, 50/60Hz
Output VoltageHigh frequency DC wide voltage
Battery Voltage6V(NiCd/NiMH), 7.2V(LiR)
Emergency Operation Duration>90minutes with Customized
Working Environment-20-60℃  , 65+20% RH
Power Factor>0.8
Charge Time>24hrs
Inverter Size168*38*28mm

Highlight Features:

◇Emergency conversion kit for fluorescent lamps.

Product Description

DF338 emergency lighting module is designed to convert fluorescent lamp, like T5, T8 tube. 

With charging protection, discharge protection, load protection and short circuit protection.