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Aviation obstacle lights installation technical specifications

Lights and garden lights installation

21.1 the master project

21.1.1 building lights should be installed in accordance with the following provisions:

1 top of the building lights are rain-proof performance special lamps, lampshades to tighten;

2 lights wiring pipes according to the specified pipe laying and rain-proof function. Threaded connection of pipes, pipe and conduit Circular box, metal frame, cable conduits and lights close to the bare grounding conductor (PE) or zero (PEN) and reliable;

3 vertical lights hanging overhang not less than 10# steel. Ends hanging wire diameter not less than 10MM with hook bolts, bolt fixed in the channel, with a nut on both sides, and kapyong pads and spring washer tighten;

4 suspension wire rope diameter not less than 4.5mm, diameter not less than at the end of 16mm, anchor of guyed disk for overhead line, depth greater than 1.5M;

5 vertical lights waterproof hanging lamp, lamp from the ground above the 3M of the lower end.

21.1.2 Neon installation should comply with the following requirements: