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Current problems of fire emergency lighting

Jul 28, 2015

Fire emergency lighting is fire evacuation and fire-fighting facilities, fire personnel quickly evacuated and firefighters entered the building the fire rescue has an extremely important role within. But in day-to-day fire inspection found, many units of fire emergency lighting design, selection, installation and use, there are many problems, fire emergency lighting at the crucial moment the due role.

First, current problems of fire emergency lighting applications.

1, improper selection.

Some units will fire emergency lighting and civil emergency lights confuse, as long as the emergency lights on the line, did not understand the State fire code requirements for fire emergency lighting, rather than without a national fire product quality testing center qualified, with or without production license manufacturers of products.

2, set the parts properly.

Fire emergency lighting installation location, spacing, and height, are in the national fire code requirements, but in the actual installation, design units on request design, and use is not installed according to the requirements of full, resulting in fire emergency lighting installation holes.

3, set the number of deficiencies.

Many users often unilateral pursuit of economic benefits, ignoring safety, fire emergency lighting on the set, too, and even some units still are blank, even setting fire emergency lighting place, quantity can not be guaranteed.

4, improper maintenance.

Emergency lighting equipment in good condition is always unsatisfactory, can often be seen using the unit without disconnecting power for emergency lighting, or lighting damage is not repaired, maintenance or lack of knowledge makes the maintenance of luminaires for emergency lighting is not improving while loss