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Details explosion-proof emergency light basics

Name: explosion-proof emergency light

English name: Explosion proof emergency Ligh

Other names: explosion-proof LED emergency lights LED emergency lights

Product number: TBG8700

Definition: a emergency battery power supply, and can immediately start emergency lighting for the main power loss with explosion-proof emergency light fixtures, add-ins can also be open

Turn off the control.

Classification of explosion-proof emergency light

Are available as normal working lighting, and emergency functions;

Another is simple as emergency lighting, normally closed;

Two emergency is in the main power loss can immediately start emergency lighting can be controlled by an external switch.

Explosion-proof emergency light scope

Suitable for oil, chemical, military and other inflammable and explosive dangerous places and environments for power failure emergency evacuation and lighting. 1, applies to

Explosive environment in zone 1 and zone 2 sites;

2, suitable for II a, II b, II c explosive gas environment;

3, suitable for explosive dust environment zone 20, zone 21, 22 places.

Mark: Ex d II c T6 protection class: IP65, corrosion protection class: WF2