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Fire emergency lighting wiring

Jul 28, 2015

The emergency lighting should be installed lanes, switches is not set in the middle. Two-wire and three-wire type emergency luminaire can be unified in a dedicated power supply. Specific power settings combined echo the appropriate fire codes. Rotation of the emergency power supply separated from the lamp, the electrical connection should be using heat-resistant wires, to meet the fire safety requirements.

Two-wire system

The method commonly used is the special emergency lighting method, applied usually do not make lighting use or 24-hour continuous lighting (LED marker lamps belong to this category), after a power failure, emergency lights lit automatically.

Three-wire system

Connection method for emergency lights often used by law, State of emergency luminaires can be dome open/close control, regardless of when the power switch is in the State of emergency lights to light up the emergency immediately. K is the dome switch.

Matters needing attention

1, the connection features to grasp, so as not to blind line, has no proper role;

2 part of the lighting and emergency lighting, as usual, third-line controllable method should be used.

3, for public buildings, if the FCC is not set, all parts of the emergency lighting lamps can be put to use in-place control switch (single lamp, single control or more light control) or third-line method of centralized control in the distribution box.

4, a fire control centre project in order to meet when the fire occurred, the FCC to open fire and fire emergency lighting requirements.