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Four factors that determine quality LED landscape lighting

Water resistance:

Outdoor lights shell under external temperature and pressure changes frequently, changing temperatures, dust, dirt and moisture greatly affect the outdoor lighting housing, through the seal into the housing Interior affect the performance of the product.

If the weld from production to final Assembly, to strictly control the key waterproofing process nodes, even in the face of complex environmental conditions will not be waterproof due to lamp failure.

Cooling performance:

LED of PN junction temperature and heat dissipation in the shell lighting is particularly important in practical applications. PN junction temperature and body temperature differences, the greater, then greater thermal resistance, light energy is converted to heat energy consumed along with off LED light failure can be very serious.

On the premise of keeping costs low and passive cooling, use high heat conducting medium, by new devices/lights the whole structure, reduce thermal resistance, lower PN junction temperature, the PN junction within the permissible operating temperature, maintain maximum light output LED.