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LED underwater light

One. Profile

LED underwater light, by definition is in the water under the lamps, due to the LED underwater light is used in the water below, need to take a certain amount of pressure, so the average is made of 304 stainless steel materials, IP 68, from quality waterproof connectors, silicone rubber seals.

1. underwater lamp with LED as the light source, red, green and blue mixed color change under water lighting are fountains, theme parks, exhibitions, the best choice for commercial and artistic lighting.

With DMX512 control system can achieve a variety of color effects. Can be submerged underwater for a long time, degree of protection up to IP68; uses the low voltage DC power supply, safe and reliable.

LED underwater lights using LED technology to produce underwater lights. Compared to a conventional underwater light, LED underwater light green, and lighting changes varied, more decorative, and is being widely used in all kinds of lighting systems.