LED Emergency Power Packs For UFO Light With Waterproof Solution

This kit is compatible with all LED modules with maximum 200w and has Ideally stable performance.

Product Details

Led Emergency Power Kit Max work on 200w emergency power output for Max 60W emergency power 1.5~3hours with waterproof box!

This is sepicailized designed for UFO light and flooding light with waterproof solution and hook for hunging. 



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 UFO100W隧道灯应急防水电源 -1压铸铝盒降功率-2 隧道灯应急装置 接法-实现降功率_看图王

Product parameters


Led Emergency Power Kit



Light source power


Emergency output Power

Max 60W Emergency Power

Input Voltage

90-277VAC, 50/60Hz

Battery Voltage


Emergency Operation


Operation Environment

0--50  , 65+20% 

Power Factor


Charge Time

>24hrs without break

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Product Applications

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Quality Control

Every LED Emergency Battery Pack is checked throughout the production process  by our QC department 100% of the led emergency battery pack will be tested and keep lighting for 24 hours to test its quality  reliability, and we will also test its  temperature after 24 hours' lighting. Then after it is cool. we again test 100% of the lamps to see if it still works well. Each emergency battery pack should pass

Packing of product


Neutral Packing for Emergency Battery Pack 
Emergency Battery Pack Carton 


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Company introduction

Dengfeng Ltd is a private company formed in 2009, specializing in the design and manufacture of a wide range of emergency lighting conversion kits including a comprehensive variety of LED kits and devices.

Dengfeng's experienced service engineers provide a skilled, technical 'on site' service. The modules manufactured and battery packs have fully guaranteed.

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led emergency power pack supply (6)

How to Order

 1. Customers offer general requirement for emergency battery pack and emergency battery backup.

 2. Our sales will make a professional recommendation of our products -emergency battery pack

 3. After your confirmation of the emergency battery pack, you can ask for an emergency battery pack sample and get an appropriate


 4. Note: Customers can order all product samples we put or you can also have your own idea,

 as we are custom-made product supplier, so different kinds of the metal box are available.






Customer service

1. Your inquiry will be replied within 24hours by well- trained staff;

 2. OEM&ODM, customized emergency battery pack can be designed and  put into product;

 3. 2years warranty;






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