LED Emergency Power Packs Max 10W—DF618H

Product Details

Model Number:DF618H


NameLed Emergency Power Kit
Support LED power rangementMax 10W
Emergency output Power2W~10W
Input Voltage85-265VAC, 50/60Hz
Output VoltageDC30-60V  333mA±3%
Battery Voltage3.6V / 7.2V
Emergency Operation Duration>90minutes with Customized
Working TempTa: 45℃   TC: 70℃
Charge Time>24hrs
Inverter Size122*78*32mm

Highlight Features:

◇This kit can suit maximum 10w light and has 2w-10w emergency power output!

◇No more Led driver--Combine LED driver and Emergency driver in one device!

◇No extral battery--Build-in-battery inside the case, support for more than 3hours emergency lighting!

◇No complex connection--Simple wire connection with only 6 ports!

◇Support Extral Radar Sensor!  

Product Description

DF618H is an revolutionary product which can take place of traditional Led driver and make it has normal led driver function and emergency light function together.

This emergency power kit is designed to convert a wide range of LED types(panel light, led downlight, spot light, ect.) which makes Led lights can continue output 2~10w power when main power fail.

DF618H can match the input voltage from 85V to 265VAC, and the output current go through the Led driver, making your LED light full power emergency lighting when main power is failure.

DF618H designed with a mass of IC, which in order to make this kit stable operation, isolation circuit and no-load protection.