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Lamp Lighting Problems

Jul 28, 2015

According to China's national conditions, energy saving light source is a anal, energy-saving light sources, and supporting research, improvement of electronic starting device, high pressure sodium lamp is a widely used at present in our country will have great economic significance. We think currently used ballast tapped type started device (Qian pumping type) line, is a ideal of line, this species structure of circuit has following special Lu: (1) using ballast and for pulse transformer, using bypass capacitor and for improve sodium high Rod lamp power factors capacitor, such can save a plus of pulse transformer, reduced has now sets cost, conducive to sodium high Rod lamp of application. (2) increased bypass capacitance, improving power factor and improve the photosynthetic efficiency of high mast lighting, appropriate selection of bypass capacitors, high mast lighting can increase the size of the different power unequally starting current and pulse width increases, to accelerate the start of sodium lamp. So that they can be on the production line was scrapped because of high mast lighting long time high pole light instant light, improves the yield of high mast lighting. The technical parameters but also allows the initiator to further close to comply with IEC standards.