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LED Fluorescent Lamp Emergency Support

1, LED emergency power supply, inverter, battery and connection wire, installed emergency power supply boxes, fire-proof, moisture-proof security.

2, adapter LED tube, LED downlight, LED spotlights, LED panel light, LED lighting, emergency lighting function after power failure;

3, emergency power supply mounted on the outside wall lights, switches, makes it easy for users to be kept informed, at any given time lamp for proper emergency lighting;

4, and mains supply Shi, inverse variable device makes emergency lighting battery in charging \ alternate State; or other emergency situation to mains A.C suddenly interrupted Shi, inverse variable device immediately conversion for emergency lighting battery D.C continues to power, ensure lamps Lighting and the security. red, and green, and yellow three a LED lamp beads respectively displayed normal main electric, and charging, and fault State, battery charging saturated Hou, automatically into maintenance power state, and compensation since discharge, maintenance battery of performance and using life. match different capacity of battery, Up to 1-5 hours of emergency lighting time, adapted to different needs. -25-+70 temperature environments.

5, strictly in accordance with wiring diagram wiring circuit, should not be allowed to open cover;

6 users can periodically check the inverter with discharge conditions, cut off the mains supply with a battery discharge lighting to automatically terminate;

8. emergency fast conversion speed

9. emergency battery when its turn-off voltage over rated voltage 80%;