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LED Lighting Business Opportunities Four Building

Jul 28, 2015

Building types are usually very much, but basically belong to government office buildings, commercial office buildings, low-rise residential buildings and four types of business building on the shop floor.

, Government building to take account of such buildings LED garden lights, mainly artistic expression is solemn atmosphere, light and clear moral themes to highlight the Government's image of the shadow, so light cannot be too fancy lighting techniques using light high brightness lighting to highlight the night of storing power and architectural features of the building. If government buildings on both sides of the brick exterior walls to light reflectance is higher, therefore, high-power floodlights lighting reflect the building height and width for the design of glass curtain wall in place beneath the column narrow-angle floodlights column structure clearly expressed, Middle door entrance should be using a higher brightness for its population. Floating in the glass House should be placed at the top of narrow angle high power floodlights, projecting wall posts and the national emblem, highlighting the image of government buildings. Roof equipment instead of the width of different color temperature light floodlight, highlighting the skyline building the roof.

Second, commercial office building for large commercial buildings typically main body divided into: main building annex and skirts _ most of the podium is very wide, so using Enterprise CI image, green horizontal lines, to express the broad process of building m main building of the lateral mass of the building is the best Windows release information. Therefore, in the main building and annex building on the entire fa├žade design LED digital tube walls with rich content, expressing economic strength and a high starting point. For Governments and businesses to create an administrative and business information publishing platform. A wealth of information and high technology image fitting the nature of operation of clients ' business is in line with the image of a large city.