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LED Lighting Industry Caused By High Market "blowout"

Jul 28, 2015

Many experts in the industry that LED the market's "blowout", global development of LED technology, lighting upgrades, product performance quickly improved, reduced production costs, has LED more and more quickly into the areas of lighting, which LED in a large public building applications concerned. According to statistics, the lack of large public buildings with a total area total built-up area of 4%, but accounted for the total urban consumption total energy consumption 22%. Meanwhile, the Office lighting because of its broad coverage in life is more and more the lighting industry's favor.

Designers using LED lighting, traditional lighting constraints, compared with the drab office space lighting, more extensive use of hanging lamps and custom lighting, combined with various types of LED light sources, including LEDPAR30, LEDMR16, LEDT8, LED modules, and so on. Among them, the ubiquitous ring-shaped lamps, with the use LEDPAR30 as the basic lighting, desk part of the lamp as a supplement illumination. Using a full set of LED lighting systems, requires that the entire building lighting power density of more than 40% more than LEED certification standards. Sandwich Office LEDT8 hanging lamp, both the working surface illuminance and uniformity. Pantries and other rest areas to make full use of color, making the space more lively. The project in the energy conservation and Habitat environment reach a considerable height, it is learned that the project is applying for LEED certification in the world;