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Modern Media Is The LED Displays The Development Pattern Of New Forces

Characteristics of standardized development and innovation competition is important at this stage

Under the fast-growing markets, Outdoor LED screen media also became a people optimistic about the industry. Although in early of industry development in the, lack must of tube control mechanism and the to resources for core of development mode to industry development brings has must of adverse factors, however since 2011 up, with national on outdoor electronic screen media set management of further specification, and advertising main more of marketing needs, currently Outdoor LED big screen is into standardized development and competition, and to innovation and technology for core competitiveness of new stage.

Early large-screen Outdoor LED media operator in achieving the main means of competition is to maximize in the urban core of CCP, trunk road and other quality sites get screen resource development are unitary. Therefore, when the industry matured, focused on urban core resources have also been thoroughly developed, how to implement a single benefit further growth in size and become carriers for competitive key. In the fierce market competition, the only focus on technological innovation and creative application of carriers in the future occupy the upper hand in the competition.