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Special Fire Emergency Lighting Emergency Power Supply

Jul 28, 2015

1. Common as a resonant capacitor C6 breakdown (short circuit) or pressure reducing (soft breakdown), should be replaced by pressure above 1kV and the volume high quality polyester or CBB capacitor.

2. Open the lamp filament. If the lamp is not a serious black lamp foot broken in parallel 0. 047 μ F/400V polyester capacitor emergency use.

3. Open circuit or to change the value of R1, R2 (R1 failures more likely), the substitution of 1/4W high quality and resistance with the resistance.

4. Transistor open circuit. If only one transistor opens but cannot replace one, and should be replaced each voltage of 400V or more of the same types of paired switches. Otherwise prone to roll lighting or burn tube again.

5. Lights flash. Lamp without a serious black, check whether the D5, D6, cold solder joint or open, if D5, D6 soft breakdown or bad filter capacitor C1 leakage and will also make the lights flash.

6. Light to light, sometimes touching the lamp can light or light rolling, it may not be enough capacity of C3, C4, not matching.

7. If a single low-power energy-saving lamps light lights red or glow phenomenon, you should also check the D1~D4 soft breakdown, C1 is installed backwards, or leakage, power supply short circuit.